Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Awesome With A Chance Of Bliss

Breaking news...this just in:

Today's forecast is awesome with a 100% chance of bliss!

Don't forget to bring your smile with you when you leave the house today.

You wouldn't want to be caught in a "BLISS-ard" without it now, would you?

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Mindful Moment

I shined the light on the shadow and the shadow disappeared. This would be a great song lyric.

It reminded me of being in Nevada as a young girl, standing at the Nevada state border, where a few steps over was the state of California. And we thought it was hilarious to step back and forth saying, "I'm in Nevada, I'm in California, I'm in Nevada." We laughed so hard about this.  

This is the same thing that happens when standing at the border of Truth & shadow/conditioning. I'm in Truth, I'm in Shadow, I'm in Truth. Let us not be confused. Embodying Truth sets us free, embodying our shadow keeps us in bondage. Shine the light of Truth on the shadow and the shadow disappears. It’s not ignoring the shadow, rather, it is seeing it and embracing it with the eyes and heart of pure love, without embodying it.

Today I choose the Truth regardless of how enticing and seductive the shadow and conditioning may be. The Truth sets me free and I jump for joy with great glory and victory. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

I Say YES To My Good!

Today I say yes to my good.

I move through this day with great jubilation, giving thanks for the many blessings in my life, both seen and unseen. This is my choice.

The more good I see, the more good becomes available to me. I find the good everywhere.

As I name my good I see all around me I feel deep appreciation for all that life is.

I also understand that there are invisible blessings on their way which I don't even know about yet. Wow!

This fills me with great joy as I am steeped in possibility while anticipating my good.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

As the end of the year approaches I love taking the time to contemplate my journey over the past year. What did I accomplish? What did I create? What could I have done better? How could I have been better? Is there anything I didn't do or be that I wish I had? 

Once my personal inventory is complete my intentions for the coming year begin to formulate. I contemplate what I would love to see come into form, the ways in which I would love to get to know myself better, and the qualities of being I would love to exude. Then I formulate a vision statement for the year, a word of focus, and I might even choose a theme song to match it!

Photo by Elizabeth Rowley
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I Am A Finder Of Things

I am a finder of things.

I find my own things and the misplaced things of others too. It's not by ransacking drawers and frantically searching for the items that this is accomplished.

I sit down, I get quiet, and I surrender to the Divine.

I let go of thoughts that arise and also the desire to go ransacking and frantically searching. I remember that there is nothing lost in the Universe. I may even say the incantation of, "Tony Tony come around, what once was lost must now be found."
Then I let my body go where it wants to go without any thought process, logic, or questioning. I arrive at my destination and look around. I feel around energetically, with no thinking involved and then suddenly, voila, I find the lost item!

This is something I have learned to pay close attention to. It is that within me (Source Energy) that knows. It is my innate wisdom. It knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, and it does not involve thinking or analyzing.

As I practice tuning into that frequency, I know that I am guided, directed, and sustained by my Source. I find comfort in that knowing and it soothes the soul. I can do this anytime too - sit down, get quiet, surrender to the Divine, and listen.

That is my super power.  What's yours?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Surrender to the Mystery

Today I surrender to the mystery. I release my need for control as I lean into the sunlight of the Spirit, just as tulips lean toward the light.

I am backed up by the Universe, supported in every moment by the sublime Divine presence. 

I focus on what's happening in the now and let go of the past. Even 5 minutes ago.

I have faith in God and I am peace. All is well.
It's a beautiful time of year to let go of the past and resentments, old or new. Forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves, offering us great freedom. It's like a clean slate or a blank canvas upon which we can create anew, or begin again, whilst anchored in pure Truth. Let's let it go before the new year, yes?
I am forgiving, forgivable, and forgiven.
I forgive everyone. I forgive me, I forgive you. Even if you are not sorry, or know not what you did to hurt me, I forgive you. Please forgive me too. Even if I haven't apologized, or know not what I did to hurt you, please forgive me. Even if you do know what you did to cause me pain, and even if I do know what I did to cause you pain, I forgive you. Will you forgive me too?
Where there are no words that can be spoken to change the past, there is a known apology inside of the deepest part of me and inside of the deepest part of you. I'll meet you there.
When we meet again, in whatever form that takes, we shall each be created in a new image and likeness, not bound to, nor by the past.
The deepest place within you and I are as eternal and vast as the space that spans beyond the myriad universes. When I meet you, I know that I am meeting and greeting my secret and unseen self, none greater or lesser in whole or worth. Here we are wrapped in Divine Love; here there is never anything to forgive in the first place. Where there is no I and no you, where we are one, I forgive.
I am forgiving, forgivable, and forgiven.
Photo by Elizabeth Rowley

I Release All Fear

I have learned to release unwanted thoughts of fear, doubt or worry quickly.

In my minds eye, I wrap the thought in a bubble. I then place the thought bubble in the palm of my hand.

Then I blow the bubble off of my hand.

 If another unwanted thought arises, I do the same.

What I'm left with is the eternal, unborn reality of the present moment, liberated from the bondage of fear, doubt or worry.

From here I'm free to create on the canvas of mind, and my next thought is always anchored in Love.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Random Kindness

I've been at a conference all week in San Diego.

It's been a great trip and pretty cool that my company paid for it. Wow.

So grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow! That seems to be my motto as of late: always learning and growing.

I hadn't traveled for a while and I forgot how expensive it can be, especially for basic things like good drinking water.

These water bottles were available for purchase at the Hard Rock hotel for $7 each. 😱

The software company hosting the conference was giving them away to the attendees. 
I asked them if I could take a few out to the homeless folk outside and they were all for it, so I did! 

The smiles on their faces were beautiful and priceless.

"I envision a world where there is a generous and continuous sharing of resources..." [The global vision of Centers for Spiritual Living...]

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Open Hearts See Love Everywhere

One day I was doing household chores. It was just an ordinary day. As I was moving from one room to the next I heard the following words whispered in my head: "I love you. I love you. I love you." It was my own voice.

I stopped what I was doing and sat down on the floor to allow this love to wash over and through me. In that moment I knew that I had changed.

This new voice of unconditional love was different than the predominant voices heard in the past which I had grown all too familiar with. 

This was the soft voice of a gentle, loving Spirit within me. 

As I began to court this Love, it shifted my view of the world, and it continues to change me, even today. 

Today I court Divine Love. I let this love wash over and through me and I am transformed by it.

Radiating Love out to all who I come in contact with, it illuminates darkness, casts out fear, and renews my joy of life.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What did you eat for breakfast?

They say it's the most important meal of the day!  So what did you eat for breakfast?

Please tell me in the comments here.

What I had for breakfast today was the same thing I've have had for the past 8 months - Bulletproof coffee!  This is coffee of the purest form possible (according to the budget) which is currently Josie's french roast.  I grind it on my own.  It smells amazing when I open a bag and tastes even better!  I love this coffee!  I add 2 tablespoons of grass fed butter, one tablespoon of MCT oil and blend for 20 seconds in the vitamix.  The fat from the Medium Chain Triglyceride and grass fed butter jump start my brain and offer a steady distribution of the caffeine from the coffee over the next several hours.  I never get jittery nor hungry until about noon.  If I do get hungry or feel like I need a snack before lunch I will have a hard boiled egg, sliced in half, with a couple of drops of mct oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and organic black pepper.  MMMMM, it's so delicious and satisfying.

This was the foundation for my weight loss and feeling great in 2017!  I released 22 pounds so  and I am happy with my body, I feel good in it - like comfortable in my skin, I have tons of energy, don't get cravings and I look great too. HAHA!  If I do say so myself.

I am so thankful that I never feel the guilt from eating that donut, or huge breakfast, or bagel and cream cheese or coffee with copious amounts of hazelnut creamer or whatever the flavor of the day is.

I'm asking you what you had for breakfast today because that's the place to begin.  If you want to feel good about yourself, feel amazing in your body, and at peak performance, give it a try.  Then listen to your body and listen close.  It knows.

Awesome With A Chance Of Bliss

Breaking news...this just in: Today's forecast is awesome with a 100% chance of bliss! Don't forget to bring your smile with y...