Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love Everyone and Don't Get Angry!

I just finished reading the new book by Ram Dass, "Polishing the Mirror."  Within the book he shares the story of a time when he was in India with some of his devotees, and his guru, Maharaji-ji.  He went to India to flee from the Western culture only to find himself in the midst of the western culture that exists within India.  This angered him.  He was so upset that he locked himself in a room and when his Western devotees came to see him, he angrily told them to go away.  Within a short amount of time he alienated the entire group of people who were there to see him.

Ram Dass was upset and confused.  His guru constantly told him "tell the truth and don't get angry," but the truth was that Ram Dass was angry.  One night in an angry fit, he threw a plate of food to the ground.

Maharaji-ji then wanted to know what was troubling him.  Ram Dass said he couldn't stand all of those people and he couldn't even stand himself.  He hated everyone.  Maharji-ji responded with "Love everyone and don't get angry."  Ram said "I don't love everyone."  Maharji-ji got nose to nose with him and said, "Love everyone and tell the truth."  Ram started to say, "But..."Then he realized what Maharaji-ji was really saying to him which was this:

When you finish being who you think you are (unable to love everyone), this is who you will be (love everyone).  He thought he was somebody who could not love everyone and tell the truth.  Maharaji-ji said, "when you give that one up, I am still here, and the game is very simple.  Love everyone and tell the truth."

Is it just me, or does anger feel like a hostile takeover within?  I am grateful for spiritual evolution and the ability to identify anger and allow it to pass by like a taxi cab on the street, rather than getting in the cab and going for a long and bumpy ride!

Most of our anger comes as the result of things not turning out the way we think they should have turned out.

When anger arises, you may find it simple to move past it by saying to yourself - "Love everyone and don't get angry."

Or take these additional steps to move through anger and liberate yourself from the bondage of it:

1. Feel your anger fully.
2. Set a specific amount of time to rant about it.
3. Take responsibility - What could you have done better?
4. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person (or people, organizations, institutions).
5. Wear a rubber band on your wrist and flick it when you begin to obsess on angry thoughts.
6. Return to loving everyone once again.

I believe that if you look hard enough you will find something to love in the eyes of another, and if you can focus on the part that you love, the anger will fall away naturally and immediately, if you allow it to.

Love everyone and don't get angry.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Change Your Lipstick Shade, Change Your Life: A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Last Thursday I was walking past a Sephora at the mall when I was pulled in like a magnet.  Without being mentally aware of where I was going within the store, I found myself standing in front of a plethora of makeup and I suddenly become aware of a compelling, it was a need...a compelling need for a new, bright, happy lipstick shade.

"MUST HAVE," I thought.  And so the search began.

My eyes moved quickly over the various shades of lipstick in their diverse array of tubes of different widths and lengths.  I was delighted by the numerous options before me but I didn't see what I was looking for just yet.  I continued along the lovely smorgasboard of makeup when I saw one jump out at me.  If it were a snake, it would have bit me.

On that day I went from this shade of lipstick:

To this shade of lipstick:

I was so thrilled about my new lipstick shade that I put it on right there in the store.  I was reminded that this is how my meditation practice often occurs for me.  I LOVE to meditate.  I mean LOVE it!  Sometimes I am drawn like a magnet to take that time out just for me to go within.  I realize that as I sit down to go within I never know how deep or far I will go with my meditation until I am in the midst of it.  I always go with an intention though, and it is usually to strengthen the muscle of non-attachment, surrender, or release, such that I can be more present in each moment, which always leads to greater peace and happiness for me.

My new lipstick shade had an impact on everyone I came in contact with that day, including myself.  That's right, my attitude was a little more cheery because I knew that I was wearing a new, bright shade, and it was a noticeable, beautiful color.

I have heard that if we want things to be different, we've got to do things differently.  When we first awaken to the Truth of our existence, we are careful with the thoughts we think, as they become our words.  As awakened beings who continue to evolve and blossom ever more each day like a flower, we have the awareness that our actions are a result of the thoughts we have had and the words we have spoken.  Now we can use our actions to altar, boost, or enhance our thinking (or mental attitude) which is a fun spiritual tool.  So ladies, as you travel along the path of enlightenment,  and you find yourself stuck, or lacking the enthusiasm you were used to once having, a new lipstick shade is just what you need.

Change your lipstick shade, change your life.

Much LOVE & Many Blessings,
Rev, Elizabeth Rowley

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