Sunday, August 6, 2017


I've been living on the Central Coast of California for close to two years now.  It's radically different living here than it was living in the Silicon Valley.  There it seems everything moves at a breakneck pace and here things move in a very chillaxed way.

I believe the ocean does something to the people who live near it. The waves, salt water, and beauty are healing and meditative. The variety of colors of the sunsets and the water are magnificent, like a great painting, only real.

In the Silicon Valley you have to plan your life around the traffic patterns lest you'll spend two hours traveling a short distance of 20-30 miles.  The only traffic here I've seen regularly is coming around the bend of 101 South into Pismo Beach.

The ocean suddenly appears to your right and it's jaw dropping beauty causes one to stare.  Traffic slows to a crawl here and then inches along.  It's not troubling though because there's this expansive beauty to gaze upon while you wait.

Living in a beach town you plan your life around the ocean tides and the rising and setting of the sun.
You ask yourself when and where might I find the most beauty?  Instead of how can I avoid traffic?

I am so much more connected to Mother Nature - Mother Earth - Pachamama - here and I am grateful and LOVING it and living it up!

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