Saturday, June 24, 2017

Which Frequency Are You Tuned Into?

Guitar players adjust the strings of their guitar to a specific tuning.  They do this such that when they play, it will sound a certain way that is pleasing to the ear. They are adjusting the frequency (the vibration speed) so that the strings are in harmony with each other.  When they aren't in harmony the sound is wobbly.  When they are in harmony the sound is smooth and steady. 

Setting my intention for the day is exactly the same. I get to choose the way I want my day to look such that it is pleasing to me and in calibration with Spirit.  This is how I ensure that my values and my actions are aligned for my greatest good, and the greatest good for all.  If I notice a wobble, I embrace that wobble, consider my values, adjust my frequency, and take new action based on my values!  

For example, if I value being grateful and I intend to be tuned into gratitude, then find myself complaining, I stop, sit, and write a gratitude list.  I continue to contemplate that which I am grateful for throughout my day.  

I'm not a victim to the circumstances and conditions of the world that may arise because that's not the tuning I'm in. The frequency I'm tuned in to is of the Spirit: love, beauty, perfection, wholeness, peace, compassion, joy, gratitude, and abundance!

Which frequency are you tuned into on this day? 

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